there be dragons

(He’d been asleep for a few hours, then suddenly walked into the living room and stood staring blankly)

M: Hi babe.
H: What are you watching?
M: Castle.
H: I haven’t watched that one, don’t delete it.
M: Okay, I won’t.
H: (stands there silently, blinking a bit)
M: Are you even awake?
H: Of course.
M: Did the TV wake you up? Is it too loud? I can turn it down.
H: Nonono, it was the dragon.
M: The what?
H: (mimes wings flapping while wandering back to bed)
M: Uh huh.


2 Comments on “there be dragons”

  1. GreedyFrog says:

    Lol looks like there never is a dull moment in your house! Does he ever remember any of it in the morning?

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