H: Mmm, good cheese.
M: What?
H: They’ve all gone blank.
M: What have?
H: I’ll have to go to the server room and fix it.
M: You can do that tomorrow, okay?
H: Are you going to make me a sandwich?
M: No, why would I?
H: And people call me the bitch.
M: I certainly do… What do you want a sandwich for, anyway? You’re asleep.
H: You know that homeless guy down by the bridge?
M: Uhhh… sure.
H: I’m gonna eat it in front of him.
M: That’s mean.
H: Sorry?
M: Are you?
H: No.


apparently the prostitutes in brooklyn are really hot

M: What are you doing?
H: Watching over the city.
M: You should lay down.
H: I can’t see from here.
M: Just lay back down.
H: Nnnggh…
M: Come on, lay back down on your pillows.
H: You’re the devil. (grumbling) Lay down, lay down… Set you on fire and tell people you’re a prostitute from Brooklyn…