worst code ever?

H: Come here.
M: Why…?
H: I need to teach you a code.
M: A code for what?
H: Contra.
M: Contra?
H: Yeah. It’s Up Down Up Down B A B A Select Start.
M: What does that do?
H: You get jerked off by a bus.
M: What?! Like the bus itself?
H: Yeah.


gaming elves

H: Nnngha!
M: What’s wrong babe?
H: That elf got ColecoVision! I wanted the ColecoVision! Stupid elf!

mississippi hater

H: Is Mississippi a zone in WoW?
M: No. Why would they put an actual state in the game?
H: I don’t know. To keep people in the zone from getting out.
M: You don’t want people from Mississippi to leave Mississippi?
H: They shouldn’t.