M: (petting his shoulder)
H: Mm…Don’t tell my wife…Oh, you are my wife…Sorry, I didn’t know…
M: Uh, me neither?



M: (silent hugging)
H: You can take my wallet, just don’t hurt me.
M: (silent snuggling)
H: I love you?
M: (still silently snuggling)
H: That’s not for you. That’s the 6th barrier.
M: (silent hugging)
H: Don’t let her know. Bitches be crazy.
M: It’ll be our little secret.

bite club

H: No biting!
M: I didn’t bite you.
H: New rule.
M: That’s the first rule?
H: Yeah.
M: I thought the first rule was to not talk about it.
H: Yeah okay.